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New TyeTec products 2015

Januar 2014


Fußreling-Adapter und Swifeling Padeye

Footrail adapter

 Rounded attachment point in the footrail providing a rounded 11mm opening


On deck (or mast) fitting

for diamond loop or continous loop

Swiveling padyey for the attachement

of thimbles, NMP blocks, Blocks, hauls and other fittings.


Details als PDF hier








The Wishbone-Rig of Regina Germania

January 2015


A new Wishbone-Rig for a beautiful Schoneryacht.

It´s our second realized Wishbone-Rig with TyeTec® rigging hardware and new Sails.

A wishbone rigged vessel is a vessel that is rigged with a permanent splitting gaff between two masts. Contrary to the gaff rig (where the gaff is hoisted together with the sail) the gaff stays in the mast. The gaff is typically fixed on the first mast and fixed with a line to the aftmost mast. These lines allow the sail to be trimmed to suit the wind.


Fair Winds, "Regina Germania" ....






The new "rigging hardware" catalog (2)

Decembre, 2014


TyeTec® rigging hardware: quality & strength


TyeTec® Turnbuckle

TyeTec® Quick release turnbuckler

TyeTec® Terminal

TyeTec® Toggle

TyeTec® Insulator


The new catalog arrived!







Westerwald TV: mast & sails

 Octobre, 2014


"Handmade in Germany: mast and sails from Herot."






The rig of Mona Lisa

 July 2014


Our new mast project

27 m Alumast for the 60" sailingyacht "Mona Lisa".

With TyeTec® Turnbuckles and TyeTec® Loops

Looking forward to the challenge.




18 m rig for a Reinkeyacht;

the ship is running in yachtcharter in Stralsund

Fair Winds ...





The new TyeTec Loop catalog

TYeTec Loop Katalog.J

40 sites TyeTec Loop products:

  • TyeTec® loop blocks
  • TyeTec® loop snatch blocks
  • TyeTec® NMP-blocks
  • TyeTec® padeyes
  • TyeTec® connector
  • TyeTec® continuous loops
  • TyeTec® loop-shackles
  • TyeTec® thimbles